I was interested in photography, drawing and graphics since my childhood. I think you know how it goes! You spend more time for those things which are your favorites and less for others. I was the same with photography. I was practicing and experimenting all the times and I’m still doing it nowadays.

I feel myself lucky, because I know that my goal is to take such photos about you, which will be wonderful and memorable not just know, but decades later, too.

If you want photos like these allow me to show you your inner cover girl, trust me, I will bring out as much as possible from you (with a little luck even more!).



I became interested in photography when I saw Mona’s enthusiasm doing it. It’s a great feeling when clients are looking at the photos and are asking: “Wow, is it really me?” I love to eternize feelings, because these are the best to shoot!

If you want photos which are memorable, which you don’t fear to show to others, or if you want to hear that others are praising you: “You were wonderful”, you don’t to do anything else just write to us and we will create those beautiful photos!