Are you preparing for your wedding, but you don’t have a photographer? Or perhaps you have some candidates, but you don’t know them personally? I think you also don’t want to entrust your wedding photography to a complete stranger.

The e-session is the most perfect solution for your problem, because during the photo shoot you will have a chance to get acquainted with us, and more importantly, on the morning of your big day not a complete stranger will be waiting for you, but a familiar friend.

I was looking forward the e-session and I was excited to see ourselves on the photos, however I also was afraid a little, because my groom, as men usually, hates to pose on photos. However by the time we got there and the first photos were taken, this lovely couple made it so easy and comfortable for us that we didn’t even realized that this is a photoshoot. I very liked how they were encouraging us with sentences like: “Yeah, that’s very cool!” or “Fantastic, you are beautiful!”. So the day was perfect, we weren’t stressed before the camera instead of we were laughing a lot. I can’t wait for my wedding and not only, because it’s every girls dream to stand in a white dress before the altar, but because I know that with this superb team the fun and the wonderful photos are guaranteed!Sandra

In addition to a great day spent together, you can make your invitations, cakes or the decoration unique with the photos!

We offer two different packs for our couples. If you would like to reserve us for engagement photography check out our price list and contact us.